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Kneel You Traitor Lyrics

No Bragging Rights – Kneel You Traitor Lyrics

From this day forward I move on
Pushing myself far beyond all limitations
And every distraction placed by you
Because I remember what you said
And how I foolishly believed in every lie unseen
But it doesn't matter now, that me is dead

Done doubting myself (those days are over)
I'm not afraid of failing you (like I was before)
Because in the end it's in my hands,
To be the things I want so bad
My fear ends right now

(My fear ends now, that me is dead)

I'm breaking every wall I see
As well as every heart I get
It's not poetic
Nor am I sympathetic to your screams
Don't talk to me about fair
Don't try to play me like you cared
You only loved one thing
And that one thing wasn't me so I moved on
No longer afraid and no longer oppressed
Free to follow my dreams
On to glory, on to death?
Both fine by me

My fear ends now
With arms stretched out
I embrace the choice and made,
And let nothing stand in my way [x2]
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