You see me fighting, I'm tryna' blaze my trail,
But I bet you can't feel my pain.
You see me forging, expecting me to fail,
Falling down like heavy rain.

I know that nothing can ever make me stop,
Your faith in me fades but no I won't give up,
No I struggle-oooh.

Struggle, no-nooo, oooh [3x]

Out of the darkness, no more obscurity,
Adrenalin runs through my veins,
Your doubts are causeless, no more uncertainty,
Your dissaproval still remains.

I hate that you think I'll never get my way,
You think I follow, lights leading me astray,
No I struggle,

Struggle, no-nooo, oooh [4x]
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Struggle Lyrics

Nix K & Jane – Struggle Lyrics

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