I feel like Tom affiliated with The Illuminati bitch
Rain .. shout out to ex .., this heights is my environment
Took a year to focus on my vital box of vitamins,
Now more popped up, now more jumped up,
Rop pump pump pump and battles blunt up
Uh, got my penny on blend up, make and thinking for this hands up
Rap shit feels down the bar, I got the rat tat shit feel down to Mars,
Move box on me, he's talking on me, ey
When the albums drops, shut it down like hash tack they gonna see
Nigga show the rap for me, that's the arty chill and it's all for free,
All for she and it's all for weak, step .. whenever all to me,
Uh, and you ain't reall mad on the nigga,
No, you ain't clapping, you ain't better with the nigga
I know I kill em when I still got it with em,
Like I kick to the shit to my buzzin'
I just touch to stay .. invase em with your fav,
Take me to the rage and make you shuckra do the way,
New New York is my greedy, new New York is my city,
I took a whip of that witty, now you wanna ride around with that diddy, uh
My palm eat, she daddy dot and touch that paper song,
They say I got that stop parel like I save the moon,
Haters be like oh shit, then I'll be like who, me?
And then be like son here, then I'll be like nine me
I ain't working three years, yes that means I do the shit,
Eating off this music shit, ain't even got no .. shit,
Overseas I ruin shit, this ain't out the blewing shit,
Wanna run my name but they ain't have the thing to do it that,
Knew at 22 that I was coming for you,
And I'll be checking, I'll be spending in your rap crew
I got that voodoo of that .. make organic taboo,
And I just got me labels with you while I'm up my value,
So pop molly, don't rock time board,
Bitches got me on the shit, hit my 23 I'm ‘bout to kill em on some Johnny shit,
That's the dutchy I'm talking, we keeping like some low ..
With that poking .. she soaking, I aint' even leaving my TV all weekend
Yes you loco, locos on vocals, man I pen the ..
Ain't told me name names, now have been vocal,
Man I've been loco, now I mean loco,
She all about choke shawty, and you can't handle this both God
I got this left acting a bitter rational,
Probably ‘cause you wanna prove, wanna kick em but young botanical,
Murder is murder she wrote
Fuck it when nearly she come,
nigga we sleeping the coast and we eating the dope
and now none of you niggas can cope
yeah, fucking with nini she want
I see me on XXL,
My mother*cking mind, see nobody say shit, right?
‘cause I will review, and you, and you and you
No label, don't pay all of the post sign,
They got no war for that, right?
D-broke, what up? Wrote the .. what up?

It's just the way I was raised y'all
It's just the way I was raised y'all
And I don't give a fuck what they say y'all
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Trophies Lyrics

Nitty Scott Mc – Trophies Lyrics

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