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Foundations Of A Man Lyrics

Nipsey Hussle – Foundations Of A Man Lyrics

Here I stand, executed plans
Seven grams foundations of a man
Smoking backs, black rebel chants
Living fast my niggas ain't even last fuck
In the back, .40 on my lap
Counting cash, anxious finna blast
Too committed to principals from my past
If you ever came from nothing that's something you understand look

Is it 'cause it's nothing like me, she like me
From the future move at light speed
Standing like a giant only 5'3"
Them magic words I move like Magic, Worthy
Stop lying nigga you ain't never heard me
Straight from the curb where 103rd be
Fuckin with Nipsey, nigga we nippin' niggas
The K's from close reach'll flip a nigga

Bullet sky blue tips like they crippin', nigga
If a nigga got 30 in it then I'm trippin', nigga
Refrigerated cup holders when I'm sippin', niggas
Fuck work, sell words, it was written, nigga
See the Staples Center from my kitchen, nigga
On the phone with Forbes asking how I did it, nigga
Snatched ol' girl it's official, nigga
Always been a man on a mission, nigga

Streets gave to me and it stole from me
But it paid the way and the road for me
Shhh moment of silence for the homies that's resting in peace
'Cause they gave us seasoning for the recipe
No new nigga just back on my B.I.C
Thank God for locs I ran the N.I.P
No more N-O-P-E-s now it's Y-E-S-
And why y'all stressed asking how we blessed
Nipsey just bossed the grind I'm a special guest
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