Another passive cut, I’m the cokie fact that no one knows the fact the rust up,
And sparkle blunt and heroine got a month
Man and night cries on the cross with the pener right
My... Blood I’m paining life till them heavens height,
Do seat and dream a dream, so lose it,
No droppin back in time before you live,
Threaten your father, a day before shooting you in,
And make em fuck your mom to my music,
My... That new shit,
I’m opposite new in, the scootie you in
My shawty so... And shoot in,
Before the kay... I would... And watch for free,
Base in the corter race for rock and stupid,
Recognize paterns mine, seven time set in...
101 suicide... Recognize,
I’m forever shine so bright that I’m recognize,
You reckless blind like hell inside.

I’m sitting on the Porsche of my soul slip... Ass
Lick about the... Of the kali grass,
The shit is like a forth I’m a soldier that battles taps
Not a sacrificial lamb but I battle when I ran
I ain’t chat when I can
The lower version, still smoking...
Even though I ain’t working
Fuck a 4 ballet, I’m stuck in my whole rapping,
Until flow and so dope, I get Oprah a coke habbit, smoke.

You’re fucking with the rip of motherfucker,
I slice your face like you was pizza motherfucker,
44 magnum to see some motherfucker,
Put em on a T-shirt rest in peace, the motherfucker,
Faces on the... I’m frying quick in the...
Call my name in this chest like Zoro,
It ain’t the Z insipido, I’ma shoot her like...
Throwin up the D sign, looking like a 3 though,
Doing up the B sign, looking like a 3 though,
6 niggas dance so flows by the weed smoke,
I ain’t the nigga you try to act like a G for,
All these rappers on this hardcore shit,
I ain’t the nigga to play hard ball with
Yeah I was pitchin but it was never on the mow
I grab a strap and lay you ever on the ground
Hand cause duck tape, never make a sound,
Your brain is fragile, it could never take a round,
It goes blaffed in lights out,
Hey crack, no dice, all your men I’m stroking hard cold shit,
Broke right out,
Night brings the wolves out, the wolves bring the nights out,
The shit go like that, my hand gun is a whore, can she blow like that.

I used to pitch that inside I’m the antifa you riders
This is as easy as a target three feet from a snipe a life
Here’s why you won’t see me on tv, after I spit they say he’s an alien
I bet of a... Eye,
Can’t be defeated despite the medias vices,
As I’m a... But Jesus and reunite as a vicious,
I just seem so righteous, my soul as I’m flightly...
As I take over... While I’m writing this...
That... Arquetipe I bark and bite
I’m that mark cast right, take him,
My marker than height bars, don’t try to hate please,
Look, you wanna hear bless, so bad that your fakes needs,
Lately this aids attract rates, that will taking me out
They tryin to... The mix of the drake beat,
Speaking the drake, hear some shit for the ladies
Till my ex I hope she’s beat by your...
Just kiddin I’m gravy, blesses fulfilled inside, we will survive,
I build and thrive and still vibe,
Feel advice of the realest, I ain’t come through,
... When you’re bumping Kendrick and kill your vibe,
... Hold me, a wolf, in the land of the land homie,
And fuck your whole team up, my... Tony got plans homie
Wanna crib next to... But I’ll stay ghetto like sell and...

I’m on that long bitch G shit, I’m on that fuck ball of my teachers
And said I would never be shit,
Look at me now, I’m this shit,
I keep a pistol that will hit you in the stomach and make you P shit,
Raps future the last boom, been a strap shooter since... Is grand... Was that...
Man I clap... And I’m zap judo with jad moves
I’m that stupid, to Jack moves you in the back... Like a man...
... From Vancouver the Cancun, my mack till you’re fool,
Man I’m cool on the stab... Than motherboy saint you,
No you came out room, but I’d rather catch up
To you and point blank you,
And it used to catch up to you, that high strippin,
Till your life it ain’t no more rollies your time ticking,
I just built the biggest... The world, now just make a...
In this girl with them...
Another she vixin the world, now licking the pearl
She’s all about cockiness like mixin the chick in this squirrel,
Welcome to me, vida loca,
The reference that I’ll see having in hill, freeze is over
I told em very me and my Jesus peace,
The ice is cold enough to freeze hady
I guarantee deceived you over,
Homie I couldn’t right slaught em,... Without my therapist,
And tell the... That I’m... With terrorist
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The Watchmen Lyrics

Nino Bless – The Watchmen Lyrics