Sittin' in the classroom, thumbin' through the pages of a white-washed history of well-fed caucasians
Growin' up, wonderin' what's going on.
It makes you want to scream and shout, but they tell ya it's nothing to worry about,
'cause the world always ends at your front lawn.

They build your life in an endless maze of ancient myths and worn cliches,
Saying keep to yourself and quietly go along. Clean your plate, do as you're told,
Worship all that's bought and sold, til everything you know is wrong.

Breakfast with the conservative columnist who dreams his pen is John Wayne's fist
He hammers the world into his narrow view
Laugh at those who don't belong, quoting patriotic sing-alongs
And wonders what this world is coming to
They place your life on a moral grid, God's own scorecard which they keep hid
Then pull out to condemn whenever needed.
Forced to judge life, and what it brings, by trivial materialistic things
Since the can't see the show from where they're seated..
More words missing??????????
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Everything You Know Is Wrong Lyrics

Nine Pound Hammer – Everything You Know Is Wrong Lyrics