Tonight is the night we die and we bathe ourselves in sin, get up like you give
A fuck, this town is ours again, fire ignites, their eyes look like this gritty
Filthy king was never there, but always watching

Better alone!

I saw his
Face before he aged and weathered we rather, wait to claim the, I'll be waiting

I'd like to see the flood drag you and all the rot away

Today is not your

These walls are coming, these walls are coming down, I'd love to be the
One to, watch your puzzled face, crack the gound

This will never

Now with the kingdoms closing in, this is our chance to burn our
Names into the ground, and in history


This was all for you,
Another gold crown hits the floor
This was all for you, another dead king, out
The door

And when you're dead and gone we'll still have our names, we'll
Replay, all the sounds you've made
Now I'm a wanted man, and no one wants a
Common man, and this is my decay

This is the brain before swelling, this is
The choice that you made

Fear no one, this is just the start!
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Adamantium Lyrics

Nine Life Fire – Adamantium Lyrics

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