Look back on yesterday's summer photographs
Images of you and I together
Never thought that I'll be making plans
To miss your kisses on the sands
Should've known (should've known) But baby nothing lasts forever
It's too bad, I never dreamt we were saying goodbye
It's so sad, now I realize.
To have and to hold, and never to part (I thought it was the hardest thing)
To have to let go, and to take back my heart (was harder than anything)
It's hurting me more, than you'll ever know
To have and to have to let go (but I just gotta let it go)
Thinking back on summer days, when all we did was laugh
Suddenly it seems to long ago (where did the time go, where did the time go)
Now I can't believe that you and me, could fade into a used to be
It's just a memory (it's just a memory)
Never thought I'd have to say so.
It's too bad, love was forever now we're saying goodbye
It's so sad, now I realize.
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To Have To Let Go Lyrics

Nikki Webster – To Have To Let Go Lyrics