Huh, I got a sis named Kell
And she wanted the bruise
For whoever wanted to pull me
In the friend zone
She has one bone, so
Go ahead with it
Throw a head with it
If the pussy come alive,
Let the rocking dead with it
And that is what you want
You will get a ray with it(???)
Bling blang fur. Lemonade with it
And I don't need no more friends
Hit a nigga phone when yo dough is open
Oh, you ain't pilt(???), let me promote it
Let me run through it like the stars closing


I don't wanna be a homie
Cause I got enough of that
I forgot like Police,
You know I ain't cuffin' that
And I just wanna hit it
So please don't send no Twin Peaks
To your bitches, are you with it?
So get the fuck and go watch
Your chick flick!

Yeah, she coming back to get her earrings
Hanging with hustler, she want the real thing
Hy, Keysha! Bye, Keysha, keep trippin', bitch
You know I'mma leave ya
Mama was a Libra, baby, I'm a Gemini
Bring your friends,
Introduce them to my brother Kill-a-cop
Boss ambition, we connected,
That's the women I
She gon'get that paper,
I ain't playn, that's some cinephile
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Chick Flick Lyrics

Nike Nando – Chick Flick Lyrics

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