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Keep The City Up Lyrics

Nighthawks – Keep The City Up Lyrics

Massage parlor hoes don't ask to get ransacked
They ask for signatures for where they should put their hands at
Yeah! That feels nice baby give it another squeeze
Wait til' she clean up, go to my locker, pull out the berretta freeze
The brains was nice, I aims precise
Then I pulled a necklace out that'll change your life
We both know what you doin is against the law
So put your panties back on and fix your bra
When I pick you up tomorrow there'll be no resistance
Cause I got a lot of clients and they need assistance

[Camu Tao]
Hold up hoes, yo, ready to go
To the courthouse and now I guess you ready to blow
If you don't give up them draws, I breakin you slow
And start breakin some laws, start breakin your jaw
What up bitch?
Yea you same ol' shit
Bad Lieutenant where feds stay issues clips.

[Chorus: Cage]
Come on, let's go stick a wheelie up
Pick his jewelry up
Nah, Let's go pick a cherrie up
One or Three pair em' up
Bitches, stick your titties up
Hooker, look a giddy up
Look a little pretty but you know I keep the city up
Roll a bag of eddie up
No Henny or any tucked
Til' you gotta go and the dough is in your panties butt
Haters, we're already up
Nighthawks steady cut
Every pile of shit tryin to stick his 9 milli up

[Camu Tao]
Please, we know her rights
Fleein from vice
We do T's on amphetamines
Speedin' thru lights
Hookers in the backseat
Weeded, bleedin and cryin
I love bitches in the street, lookin like hard workers
Pull up with the badge, pull out the dick, they start jerkin

When crackhead hoes start jerkin, feed 'em with a fix
Beat 'em with a stick-acap
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