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Curosity Ft. Dent & Lil'Mo Lyrics

Nicole Wray – Curosity Ft. Dent & Lil'Mo Lyrics

Cmon' make it hot
ohh ohh ohh ohh
do do hey repeat 1

Let me know what you want

Curosity um baby it's killing me cause
I can tell that you interested
I can since that your feeling me
your actions mean more to me then words
you are to shy to say to your friends behind me back
baby won't you say it to my face

If you wanna be with me and you got a thang for me
don't you walk away
don't you be afraid of me if you wanna roll with me c`mon and roll with me
ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh

Intensity made me sweat a brother majorly
I was even sure that be pagging me all the
seven days of the week
but you got a case of the butterflys baby
I wonder why
hear you say I'm so fly I'm so fly
cause we can get along tonite ohh-ohh ohh


If you really want me baby let me know
let me know what you want
but if you be fronting
but if you be fronting baby
your out the door
gotta go gotta go gotta go

(Lil Mo)
Yo I heard from a bird that you like it hot you can meet
at the spot at the parking lot I got my momma car so don't go slow
it's 11: 22 and at 12 I'm ghost yo

Yo slow it down lover about a half a ounce
I got thirty-eight minutes just to make you bounce
so let's take a ride you and I don't let me past you by
here we go let them know you don't need to mess around
(Lil Mo)
So what you say yo that you got a jones for me
caught a glipse of my bed
now you roll with me
you wanna live up in my ride and get fly with me
in the driver`s seat you wanna shine with me
Damn right I wanna shine if I can shine with you
and I see you getting noise I gotta get mine to
it sounds good coming from a lady looking like you
(Lil Mo)
Say what playa
It's just the things we do

If you got a thang repeat again
if you wanna roll c`mon and roll with me my baby

Chours repeat 2
fades out
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