Yu said you'd show me the ropes
As you tied me to the tracks
Didn't help to struggle
Lies are good as facts

For years and years you saw up and down
You were over it
Your eyes have seen the kingdom
Born again misfit

Unraveling up time these truths
Tracing all the writer's roots
Red rope binds and fast embrace
Some knots don't untie


Pray for forgiveness
Cry for...
Because these ties that bind
Don't come undone
So fast as you'd believe
Beg for a new heart
Breathes but does not bleed
And the red ropes are a viper's nest
You can never lead

Having hired all the taints
And fixed a hollow man
You found a cure cure for a pain
Swore you'd never hurt again

Always be a prized fire
Even love begins the ropes
You'll always be a liar
Punch drunk on busted hope

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Red Ropes Lyrics

Nicole Atkins – Red Ropes Lyrics

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