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Tribute To Christopher Revee Lyrics

Nicola Susan Rihan – Tribute To Christopher Revee Lyrics

Tribute to christopher reeve

Superman fell from his polo horse
And snapped his neck
He did not die until near 15 years later
He became paralised instead!

I loved superman & movies starring
Chistopher reeve...
I watched them at home
When I was A pre-Teen

My daddy asked for me to think of
Mr reeve, the actor as the bionic man
Now because computer generated
Technology and pulsing mechanisms
Will make his body able to function,

Every-Girls superhero is their
Own parents and those that the media
Presented to me as heroic.

Clark kent or superman, born out of
The comic books had
Exellent charachter,..

I was afraid durng my teens;
For the war in the gulf,
Britsh solidiers were risking their lives
To save afghahnistan, the oil reserves
And my english mortal life in the
United kingdom,

I was stomach sick & I felt tense
Christopher reeve was on A hospital bed.

Witches and voodoist from
My high school wanted energy & power;
Stole my finger nail clippings and
Strands of my hair to make malicious
Threats against myself and my loved ones.

In A teenage study group...
One evening; doing the best I could, I said
" my lord god makes me endure suffering
And welcomes me with love,"

The two withches asked me for A name
To curse:
If not mine... But I could not answer
I could not respet their malace towards
But I had bitched & complained about
Others as most teenage girls do...

They asked " your favorite superhero?"

" superman," I said

" the actors name that played superman,"
They asked me,.. (They tryed to proove
They had stong phsycic attacking power)

" christopher reeve, I think" I said and
Then he has an accident falling off A

I stopped going horse ridding
At the stables
With those two girls after that.

I never disassocitted the two incidents
In my mind...

God has A random way of dishing out
Death, pain and suffering,

Perhaps its easier to blame malace and
Distructive nature and negative
Sentiment, at freaks who play god,
Or religious witches and voodohists!

I don't know if superman has A religion
But I have A vision of peace for the dead
With the lord above

In christianity, until the trumpet sounds
And I get judged, etc, amen
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