Heave spoke to her.
Celestial voice bestowed upon Resurrection Mary.
Defiant and Proud,
The girl speaks out loud so the world my hear her praying:

"So You have been here, then I resent your intentions.
Altered this course of events for which I shall never have the process to
Be still my heart, it shall beat for no other.
Your judgment flawed with selective prosecution.
No phantom virtue will control my fate, it is my own,
And never will you rape me and enslave my precious soul.
I choose to...

Burn in hell, she demands.
Never to languish in netherworlds of pettiness and lies.
For there is no rest in Zion.
His infernal majesty will protect the night for her to see.
For then, for now, forever.
The Shaman of Shadows lived within her from the start.
The beast it grew impatient,
For when in Hell she shall be no slave, and sirens sing with wicked tongue.

And her I lay in the throws of anticipation.
Of the darkest light of legend.
So secure and welcomed with a breath of eternity.
Brief is the moment of clarity, but it is a strong as death is certain.
For my ride will be short, my words spoken softly, in a haze of sprite...
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Resurrection Mary Lyrics

Nicodemus – Resurrection Mary Lyrics