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Wake Up Lyrics

Nicky – Wake Up Lyrics

Wake up, Wake up, did you see me painting music on the ceiling?
Break up my cut, get me loaded, get me spinning for the evening
We don't have to live like this
Close my eyes and ball up my fist
And it's a change of heart
And it's a real fresh start...
But I was hoping for a game plan.

Wake up, Wake up, can you hear the rain is talking to the window?
Heat up my blood like a gymnast blowing kisses from the tightrope
She got eyes that color my thoughts
I got time to take her apart
And it's a leap of faith
And it's the only way
But now I'm speeding towards the concrete
Hoping no one tries to catch me
Cause all I'm looking for is impact
Just a blow to get back on track
And maybe all of it is fake love
Be that the case then baby so what
If we memorize the whole script
Maybe we can change the ending... of it.

Wake up, Wake up, you were shaking and I knew you had a bad dream
Come over here, let me hold you, You can tell me 'bout the whole thing
We get tired of our skin
So we pull it back and change out of it
We'll catch the first freight train
We'll play the running game
I was thinking of the west coast
As I watched you in your rain coat
Jumping oceans on the sidewalk
Tracing continents with wet chalk
And you were talking to the pavement
And he was calling you his best friend
And he was bringing up my old love
And you went right ahead and ate it up...
And I was looking at the sunset
Planing kisses on your forehead
Saying everything would be fine
We would stay together this time
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