Everything just changed, now I can't feel at home since you were gone
Thought It would be easier, I know I said I could hold on
Maybe is too late to try
But I still can ask you why
After all we lived, we just let our love aside?

I remember when my touch was everything you asked for
Every moment, every kiss and every promise that you swore
Now I'm getting crazy
I feel all hazy
Please come back to me and be again my baby

I need you
And every little part of you
I want you
With all the love, we know it's true
I want you back
Yes I want you back

There's no time
To think about what didn't work
Now it's time
To live the beauty of our love
I want you back
Yes I want you back
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I Want You Back Lyrics

Nicky Valentine – I Want You Back Lyrics

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