Rick Fenn/Danny Peyronel)

Were you hear five thousand years ago
Promising the promised land
Corinthians, Corinthians
Dancing on unbroken burning sand

Where no trees or living things would grow
Selling the romantic dream
Phoenicians, Phoenicians
Real estate is hard to find, ideas undermined
Wrong place and wrong time

Goodbye, good thing
Africa's a lonely place
Goodbye, good thing
Missionaries in position pray
Oh Israel

Have you lost what others never find
Blame the unforgiving sun
Arabians, Arabians
Neighbors are so hard to tame
When you don't look the same
Give them a smile say



Eric Wincentsen
267@ef. Gc. Maricopa. Edu
Glendale Community College,
Glendale, Arizona

"I believe in Women's suffrage. Women may suffer as much as they want."
-The great, Godlike Eric Wincentsen

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Israel Lyrics

Nick Mason & Rick Fenn – Israel Lyrics

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