Words & Music By
Nick Granato

I'm deep sea fishing in life's big ocean,
In a little bitty boat called emotion,
Drifting aimlessly without direction,
Trawling for a little bit of love and affection,
I lost my oars and my engine's flooded,
Soon I'll be bait just a rub-a-dub-dubbing,
Just another chum in the endless chain,
Just food for thought - floating on the sea of life...

I'd throw out my anchor but I don't have a line,
My sails are all tattered and there's not much time,
There's danger all around, I think enough is enough,
With the sharks in the water and the buzzards above...


I should've cut bait cause now I'm taking on water,
Now It's too late I didn't do what I ought of,
What's gonna happen is anybody's guess,
Should I send out a mayday or an sos
What I need is some sand and a palm tree to hug,
Or just a little dingy and a bottle of rum....

© 2001 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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Floatin' On The Sea Of Life Lyrics

Nick Granato – Floatin' On The Sea Of Life Lyrics