Do you think about me when you're layin next to him,
How I used to flex you right, how I used to hold you tight,
How you get all sticky with me and you makin love all night.
(Repeat 1x)
You're there with him settlin for less knowing I'm second best,
I toss and turn can't rest,
I know you think of the night you slept with your head on my chest,
I can't imagine you're happy with him, I confess,
To have had the chance to love you, I feel blessed,
When I see my princess, how my heart pounds in my chest,
I just can't let you go and I gotta know, do you think about me.
As I reminisce of the love we shared baby you know I care,
Anything you want, anything you need baby I'll be there,
Yes he's dirty mac'd you left but I take you back,
Don't know what it is, you just got it like that,
You got me open baby, you got me goin crazy,
Just wanna hold on this love I got is so strong,
I just can't let you go, and I gotta, I gotta, I gotta know do you think about me.
Girl I know (I know yes) he can't love ya like me (he can't love ya like me)
I wanna love ya (completely) completely
Sweetly (so Sweetly) (baby)
I got more love (than you'll ever need) more love than you'll ever need
So girl let me show you oh Lord listen to me yea.
Baby I still love you I do, (baby I still love you I do)
I love, I love, I love you baby
Baby no matter where you're at, (baby I still love you I do)
And I gotta know, and I gotta know,
Baby do you think about, baby do you think about me.
Chorus till fade
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Do You Think About Me Lyrics

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