I have tried to find a love and that I wished so true
I kept on searching endlessly till I found you
But it was all a big mistake
My feelings I know I just can't fake because I don't love you anymore

I've spent sleepless nights just thinking what to say
But when I am with you
The words get in my way
I couldn't take away my fears
I can't stand seeing you in tears
Baby, I know it's hard for you to take
That it's gonna end this way


Baby, it's true that I don't love you
Yes, this time I'm sure of slipping you away
And I know it's hard for me to love you again
Just like before
'Coz the love isn't here anymore

I've realized the hurt and the pain you've caused me
You never thought of all my loving, how much you meant to me
But baby you know, I can't pretend
'Coz this time, this love has got to end
Baby, it's hard for me and my feelings to show
But I gotta let you know

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat Chorus]

'Coz the love isn't here...

[Repeat Chorus]

Now that I'm sure
'Coz the love isn't here anymore
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Love Isn't Here Anymore Lyrics

Next Stage – Love Isn't Here Anymore Lyrics

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