Couples on their backs in the park
Lay on blankets bought
On a date the day before
A routine I've been longing for
I can't help but to glance
From the corner of my resentful eyes
I guess it's all perspective but
It's you I never get enough

We're always far apart

We've got a vicious love
We mix our tears with blood
No clock will stop for us
It ticks by
We fight as hard as we love
We've got a vicious love

When I go out alone
And see them sharing meals
Like lady and the tramp
Hate their loving eyes
Wishing it was you and I
Add tip to my receipt
Fold it up behind a picture of us
I guess it's all perspective but
Together though we rarely touch

Hard not to fall apart

I could have given up a thousand times
In the past that was so easy
When the thoug
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Vicious Love Lyrics

New Found Glory – Vicious Love Lyrics