Had everybody feeling bad for you
The last two years all the pain you went through
You were only giving half the truth
Loving attention, playing a victim
The whole time you were abusing
The ones you loved. You hid your life away
You didn't want them to know
You were hooking up with girls in Boston

You might be the worst person
I've ever met, I've ever known
You keep doing all that shit that
You regret
End up alone

You'd look in my eyes
Tell a lie and not even flinch
You would only stand close to me
To steal a dollar from my back pocket
Manipulate situations and weak minds
To feed all your desires
You would ruin relationships
Then post a smile and hope
Someone likes it

Will you ever get your head
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The Worst Person Lyrics

New Found Glory – The Worst Person Lyrics

Songwriters: Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Chad Gilbert, Cyrus Bolooki
The Worst Person lyrics © NFG SONGS

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