You'd be a thorn in my side
Every doctor would break their scalpel
Trying to cut it out
I'd spend my time
Ruining moments you'd share
If they're not mine

Distract them by calling you a liar
While someone's outside popping their tires

If I can't have you I'll make sure no one will
I'd be beside myself
If I can't have you, I'll make sure no one will
Like a living hell

I'd be the pain in their neck
Every corner they'd do double takes
And look over their shoulder
Make them regret
Every thought that they've had
Of being with you

You're both out for a night on the town
You get home and the house is burnt down

Can I give you a ride back home
You can tell me where I went wrong
Then I'll promise you that I would never
Let you down again
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Living Hell Lyrics

New Found Glory – Living Hell Lyrics