Walked all over the rainy day and talked about how we're the same
About alibis, excuses, shame how we hated love and must refrain
I said let's wait the time's not right today, I'm struggling to find my way
These clouds they bring me down you see, it's raining, but I want spring
I can't believe the things that she believes, she scares me
All the morals she brings with her they make no sense to me they're crazy
I can't believe the things she believes you know it intimidates and taunts me
And it's always like this, it's always that you can't get what you want
She's like the snow in all her ways shining bright puts me into a daze
And I can't keep my eyes free so kill me, and like every good thing
On this earth, all I want right now it is her, but we're in these different worlds
It's like black and white
I just can't move my eyes and look away
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She's Like The Snow Lyrics

New Faces – She's Like The Snow Lyrics