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Crush On You Lyrics

New Boyz – Crush On You Lyrics

Look, I went over pick-up lines in front of mirrors all the time
Mandatory cause I stuttered every time I tried
If it's only when it's fit for you I bet that I'm the guy
You my heart, if you leave me then I bet that I'ma die
See Wiz said I had to get you from your man
And Biz told me that you said he's just a friend
Drug dealer heard he spits cheese with the hobos
His checks keep bouncing
That's bees on a pogo

Why don't you say no to Rumo
You either date me or Juno you want a lame is for Pluto
I wanna make a new move for your benefits
It isn't that hard to pick
My sex outta this world she call me martian pit
I don't mean to diss yo man but I like you shit has been wet
Since I was ten I was tryna get a chance
She wont even give me that it's weird, you know that
Think I came off wrong, here I'll start over

Like wassup, I don't really mean to be rude
But last time I seen you with dude,
I heard y'all broke up bummer
I mean if it's cool
Like we can go and chill this song was straight drop
Gotta crush on you crush on you
Gotta crush on you crush on you
Gotta crush on you crush on you

Shit what you waiting for check yes or check no
Uh, it started out I had a party at my house
Drinks and every body, and couple girls on the couch
Look at them they burned out they got they skirts all up
Another chick talkin' bout she got a blunt rolled up
And so I did the done got it
'Cause I'm bouta make it happen and she had another friend
So I'm bouta got it crackin'
Smoke a blunt outside no lighter bustin' matches
And I only hit the blunt cause I knew she was givin' action
You can't pass on that bro plus she was bomb
And she got some nice hips the girls get it from their momma
Hit the sex room then we gotta change up the genre
This girl gone wild I think I'm loving her persona
She like to wear Prada, Louie V and Gabbana
Street clothes over lingerie on the bottom
I can't stop staring, adrenaline rush
But I had to suck it up and tell this cutie wassup


What's your name where you goin' baby
Can I come let you empty out my bank account, insufficient funds
I know you wanna hang like wet clothes
She whispered in my ear like let's go
We can hop in the Beamer or the Lexo
I'm tryna bus and I ain't talkin' bout the metro
I'm nasty yup I don't give a fuck
It's a target on your pussy bet I hit it up
Can't stop won't stop like the Young Gunz
I got some thing me and you can do for fun fun
So what's the deal, is you with the business?
She can't take the dick she won't let a nigga finish
She back it up, back it up and take a pose
She doin' shit that make me wanna take her home
I'm like get it get it get it get it get it girl
I smack her on the ass and tell her to get it some more

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