Sunlight beating over my head,
Sweat pouring from my brow.
If there ever was a time
It would have to be right now.
There’s not much time left,
It’s clear as it can be:
What’s left for our children
Is up to you and me.

Talk to me of freedom,
It commands the highest price.
For those who don’t have it,
It demands the greatest sacrifice
So break the chains.
We must accept responsibility.
Only then will the nightmare end.
Only then will we be free.

Can’t blame in on your lot in life
Regardless of what it might be,
Or fault someone else
For your failure to see
That it doesn’t matter
Whether your rich or poor,
Whatever you do
You’re responsible for.

Whatever you do
You're responsible for
Whether you're rich or poor.

Righteous people stand up don’t be afraid.
We’ve come too far to let it all go down the drain.
Now we can’t carry on living an illusion.
This serious question must come to a conclusion

If the haves keep on having,
The have not keep on having not,
What do you think is going to happen?

Whatever you do you’re responsible for
Whether you’re rich or poor.

You’re responsible.
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Whatever You Do Lyrics

Neville Brothers – Whatever You Do Lyrics