"I'm laying in the golden sea
The secret dream enclosed within
Where is no difference between
The real life and fantasy"
"You're laying in the crystal lake
Where in the shades pale moonlight sleeps
And snow-white lilies touch your lips
And all the memories awake"
"I'm walking through the tears dry,
The granite slabs that gripe my heart...
All airy bridges fall apart
And blazing surface makes me cry"
"You're walking through the mirror walls
In Sleeping Castle of my dream
Where ghosts rejoice in purple gleam
And boundless dome of heaven falls"
"I feel the odour of demise
And Silence comes to close my eyes... "
"I'm sliding in the cloudy skies
No hope, no fear, no delight
I'm falling in the jaws of night
With burning wings and sacred lies"
"Your wings will turn into the stones
That all be gathered into one
And twinkling beam of fading sun
Will drop on it black velvet rose"
"I see a tiny hand with knife
The empty cradle full of nails
And angels, whispering fairy-tales
As epitaph to all my life... "
"You'll find another paradise,
Another dream, another role
The wind will hide your lonely soul
When Silence comes to close my eyes"

"...when Silence comes to close my eyes..."
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When Silence Comes To Close My Eyes Lyrics

Neutral – When Silence Comes To Close My Eyes Lyrics