There's been a change in plans
And your no longer around
Going in a new direction
New opportunities abound
And your no longer invited
No one wants you around
Yes there's been a change in planes

Can't you get the picture
You didn't make the cut
Your not as cool as you think you are
Heres your new instructions
Just go away, go away just disappear
What makes you think that you deserve to stay
What makes you so special
Go away just leave me alone
Go on get outta here


[Verse 2:]
But you can't get a clue
No, your not the real you
It's a fake
It's a cover
To try and front something else than what's you
But it don't work no it ain't foolin' nobody
There's a reason we hate you so
When we make fun we ain't kidding around
We really mean it
Yeah you ain't got no friends

[Chorus:] [x2]
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Change In Plans Lyrics

Nervous Disorder – Change In Plans Lyrics

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