Runs through the atmosphere
And for an instant we're breathless.
Fury of machinery is here
And disrupts the assets of conscience.
A new intelligence plans the next era
It's gonna divide Slaves from Gods.
Fragments of nonsense code lost along the cables
Converting numbers into thoughts, now!

Ambition is the key
To realize our failure (our failure)
Gearsoul supremacy
Originates and dies in me

A thousand cyborgs ranked in squared formation
Marching slowly towards the city.
Crescent noise generated by their rhythmic steps
A prologue of the tragedy

Find your way to react against slavery (we're slaves within)
A static bullet in your brain (feel it! )
Lies between gearsoul and me (my slavery)
Sometimes this is called humanity (wake it up! )

The social order's gone and dissolved in blame,
Balance distorted - Dogma undone.
Mankind struggles against it's biggest mistake
... and the worst is yet to come

A creation of superior mind
Aspires to a collective suicide.
Divine knowledge makes me blind
And prepares me for the fight!
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Gearsoul Supremacy Lyrics

Neptune – Gearsoul Supremacy Lyrics

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