Don't worry.
No one cares about a dead hooker.
She's dead.
Dead inside.
She's dead inside.
Throw salt onto open wounds.
Pour lime over rotting corpses.
Just take my hand.
I'll lead the way.
I am your knight in shining armor.
I was your knight.
I led the way.
All I wanted was your touch.
All I needed was your love.
But I fucked up and let you leave my side.
I'll take gas and drown this place.
I'll bring hell to earth if this is what it takes.
Our hands will melt as one.
This is forever.
Disappointment's all I've meant.
I am nothing but a waste.
Every morning I wake up, I live in regret.
Waking up's a disappointment.
Breathing is a disappointment.
If I turned back time, I would fuck up again.
I'm nothing but a failure 'til the bitter end.
Tie this noose around your neck and jump.
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You Can't Scare Me! Lyrics

Neon Hookers – You Can't Scare Me! Lyrics