Call me King, like I was related to Martin Luther
It’s hard to fail when you’re programmed to be the future

[Verse 1]
Like Brother Shabazz I'm getting mine by any means
The clock’s ticking, I'm tripping, time is my enemy
I stay true to me people thinking they’re fooling me
Bitches think that they’re fooling me
Shining with sham jewellery
They’re getting finicky, mimic me as the centrepiece
I’ll give them time to admire my rap soliloquys
Fast lane living lifestyle, call it sinful
I drink triple, see double and act single
But always keep my eye on the ball, Lebron the don
I am the answer to ya’ll, so call me Iverson
Committing higher signs is frightening like taking Vicodin
Got me fighting, surviving and high again off the Heineken
As for you dudes who still talking about beef and ‘bout your full clips
I’d rather light a blunt cos I don’t entertain bullshit
You can drag my name in the dirt and try and spoil me
But I’ll shine with immaculate hip hop royalty
Tom, dick and harry now claim that they’re worth millions
These acting rappers ain’t Jack and they’re raps are worth nickels son
Girls ride with me through the storm as an investment
Some rappers fail to make sense and blame it on the recession
I’m a kkk strangler, stunt Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra
Neo the multiple Mistress handler
Neo, the regal, the Negro Robert Deniro, the hero for people
Free flow with lethal vocal libido
It’s my kryptonite I'm fly I'm feeling superman
You count me out I’m returning like damn boomerangs
Know better, go getter, trend setter, chase cheddar
Brain-getter in a Jetta, never ending orgs giver
Malt liquor bad liver, six figure rhyme nigga
Dream bigger than Jigga a heavy hitter
Role model gotta tone it down I’m told
Fuck it I’m getting high off the second hand smoke
I’m done with all the beefing on tracks I’ve had enough of it
If loving money is evil for now I’ll have a crush on it
Obsessed with Success I’m simply
Just destined for greatness you don’t have to convince me
I’m a showcase of God’s elite designing
You can’t stop the sun from shining
So find me, on a beat or the street looking super fly
I’m the one the haters still trying to crucify
If God takes my life today, on golden wings I’ll fly away
So it seems that a millie is just a rhyme away
I’m day I never fall, night I never break
Notorious cos after it all I got faith
Got immaculate rap element, start remembering
We’re that league of extraordinary gentlemen
Forever moving forward, you can’t pull me back
And only God can judge me so Judy can’t
I wanna rock Prada with stocks larger than Shawn Carter
And talk smarter and strike harder than Rube Carter
Got plenty Henny with me, hated by many so plenty envy
Motivation for Veni, Vedi, Vici
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Stay True Lyrics

Neo Pitso – Stay True Lyrics