I think of the times that we were down
When we were in love
Alot of time has passed us but
You still remain on my mind.. My heart.
I haven't seen you since the last time we made love
And now I got another girl who took your place

Why can't we go back to the times we were together?
Why can't I stop thinking about you even though
I'm not in love with you no more?
I don't know what to do.. But I know one thing
I can do better without you in my life

As time go by, I think of you over and over
I don't know why I seem to think of you when
I know your not thinking of me no more.
You still got that man who you left me for
And now I got a new girl who reminds me of you


I just hope that we meet again some day and
Become the friends that we should be... But
Right now us being friends aint gonna work out


Even we don't get along or nothing of the sort
.. You'll always be the one who made me smile
Through anything -- I love you always
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I Can Do Better Without You Lyrics

Nelly – I Can Do Better Without You Lyrics