[Intro - Bigg Sound]Dj S. A.
The girl is warming...
So put yo hands up! Call 'em pops!

[Chorus - Nelly Furtado]I'm a girl on fire!
Girlz on fire has desires
Does that make me crazy?
Maybe I'm crazy!

[Verse 1 - Bigg Sound]
It's gettin' hot, hot, hot
She's on fire, she's gettin' hot
This is the unit, she like my fluid
Baby, you lie in bed and I'm gettin' to do it (do it)
Feel the beat, now roll, and roll, and roll
You're feelin' the flow?
I'll spend my bottom dollar (dollar)
Now suck and swallow, now you wanna holla
So you do well my kind
Oral? Girl on fire now it's yo time
Wit'you I'll fuck you up in the garage (yea)
Come here Fanny'n'Eden, total crazy is m
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Girlz On Fire Lyrics

Nelly Furtado – Girlz On Fire Lyrics