("Firing party....ready....")
Sycamore... Is open.
("...aim...fire! BANG")
That's how Sycamore opened.
That's how.... Sycamore is.
I say this somewhat quietly and without fanfare, because...
(How are you voting on the gun initiative?)
(I'm against it.)
Because... People who like their living green and private don't
Usually appreciate a lot of fluttering flags and cartwheeling clowns.
(There are 17 million adults in california, and an estimated 4
That's not fair!)
(When no more can be sold, you can see that the majority of
Will be virtually prohibited from ever owning one.)
When this vacation land is sold out...
(That's right!)
(Did you know it gives some people A special property
(you mean, my neighbor can have something legally that I can't.)
So if you've always admired parts of Piedmont, or Orinda....
(Well, you could buy one, if you can convince someone to sell
You his,
And if you're willing to pay his price.)
And regret you didn't buy there ten or fifteen years ago,
Sycamore should have considerable appeal.
(That's right!)
It is a custom community of personalized....
For the private pleasure of a limited number of families.
(It allows people who alre
Ady own handguns to keep them.)
After all, you aren't going to find a finished big blue mountain
Lake in California that isn't full of boats and people, (guns.)
And surrounded by cars. This opening is just the beginning....
Of something people will want a Sunday drive through, for the next
Couple of hundred years.
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Sycamore Lyrics

Negativland – Sycamore Lyrics