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#saydaat Lyrics

Nef The Pharaoh – #saydaat Lyrics

[Intro: Nef The Pharaoh]
Yo teflon twan told me say daat'
The untouchable sneak
KilFMB the mutha' fuckin' corporation
Sick wid' it records we here
Say daat
Say daat

[Verse 1: Nef The Pharaoh]
I touched twenty bands when i was nineteen
Syrup sippin' i got pint dreams
If u gettin' money out the bitch
If you ain't never been a snitch
I walk around with loaf no chump change
I be in the club with me thump things
Say them balenciaga's make me look wealthy
Why yall' niggas starving yall' don't look healthy
All we ever do is pop hella' champagne
Me and the squad do are damn thang'
Everything bape for my Versace frames
These hoes wanna' fuck on big chang chang
I know everybody wanna be a hot boy
But them perpin' ass niggas get shot boy
And these niggas backwoods be so harsh
You don't got no bars yous a' marks

[Hook x3: Nef The Pharaoh]
Say daat
Say daat
Say daat
Say daaaat

[Verse 2: Philthy Rich]
I say my bitches hit for 40 thou'
It's a stick in my 40. cal
I got these old rappers age
Niggas broke and they outdated
I be kissing on a brick hoe
Now i ain't kissing no bitch tho'
Tattoos all on my face
Your name was all on my nigga's case
Yeah bitch I'm still riding foreign
And your niggas still ride normal
Three thou on these Christian Loubes
It's 10 thou for them [pistol?] shoes
Seminary fuck with Vallejo
I'm first classing niggas on the layo'
Aye my money make my dick hard
These niggas pussies they just playing hard

[Hook x3: Nef The Pharaoh]
Say daat
Say daat
Say daat
Say daaaat

[Verse 3: Nef The Pharaoh]
And all y'all niggas off velluci
I'm a money making nigga getting blue cheese
Every time I'm in the booth i keep the Glock on me
Just in case the engineer tryna' flyde on me
Its the fact that all these bitches love Xanax
She pop bars play Nef and get her panties wet
See i could've put in licks but I've got [Y's?]
Cause a nigga wanna' try [gunnies?] by my side
And i be tryna' teach my baby boy right from wrong
But if a bitches outta pocket keep your pimpin' strong
And you betta' treat yo' momma' like the queen she is
Family is everything don't ever be on sucka' shit
Back to the story niggas waiting on handouts
But every time its a session you pull a gram out?
And the hoes say my voice sound hella' clean
KilFMB the corporation we own everything

[Hook x3: Nef The Pharaoh]
Say daat
Say daat
Say daat
Say daaaat
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