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The End Lyrics

Ned – The End Lyrics

Nick your a faggot, you can't ryme worth a fuck, stop tryin to diss my shit, just stick it up cory's butt
What the fucks wrong with this kid? He thinks he can fuck me up, when in all reallity, this man is a c***
You mother fuckers herd it hear, the secert has been revelaled, he'll probally shed a tear cuz, hes, a fuckin queer
How bout that, pull the chain, rev up the saw, tear you up, like skate boards at the mall, grind your face, like I told kc slow yo pace, in rap I draw the picure, all you do is trace, your the reason why, people call us crackers, pull up on the ped, wind up an smack ya, you said I should, put it to the test, heres a tip, quit now, and you wont die like the rest, theres no reason why, you need to die to, hudinie was the first and the final one, is you, your like 50 cent, your a fuckin poser, run your ass down, with, a bull dozer, true composer, that'd be me, don't even try it, rip of your head, show your brain, and fry it, I love talkin shit, I still have another............. I fucked your mother.

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