In the jungle there's a roar
There's my dream, all I want
Many months sailing on coffins
The horizon seems like endless hell
My search
My quest

But all my suffering is nothing
When I think of my quest
I know my wife lost all hope to see me back again
But I'll return with great treasures or I'll be dead
I know that I can't return only with tears and mourns
My quest
My search

Proud, ambition
Take me to conquer kingdoms
My dreams are not an illusion, death will be mu desillusion
Will I find the fortune?
In my land, my escape

Abstinence, only misery, this is a strange land
I; m halfway up and sometimes I'm halfway down
Blinded by ambitions, I can't see the hate in their hearts
El dorado on my mind, the indians start to march
My quest
My search

Blinded by the luxury, charity turns to crime
In dreams I saw my gold in falls of endless tears
I can hear the sound of distant ages calling me

Is there a place in the green hell for all
My dream?
My search?
My quest?

Why won't you tell me where my city is bastard!

The light of christ I'll bring to twisted minds
Desease and perversion, satan lost other kingdom
Spanish blood, will conquer all so fast
I have the growing need to find my shining gold
Rumours of fatality change my visions of the land
Dream quest, my city that shines in a golden sunrise
Fell of gloom, my soul begins to die
Tears and misery are taking my dreams so far away
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The Search Lyrics

Necrosis – The Search Lyrics