"Let them curse it that, curse the day
Who are skilful to rouse Leviathan"
Cursed on son of darkness
Hear the call beyond the gate
Open the book of human flesh
The daemons at the other side await
Summon - the evil forces of the seven lords
Secret seal before your eyes
Call forth the evil gods
Hear the prayers
Master of the spell pass through the gate
Bring the world tremendous evil
Realm of chaos awaits
Lords of desolation
See the revelations across the blackened sky
Break the curse
Immortal ones pass through the ancients gate
Worshipper of darkness
Enchanter of the evil one
Beyond the stars lies the gate
Eternally locked from inside
Gaze at the engraved cryptogram
The diabolic sign of entrance
The key to the realm of evil gods
From where the sinful souls shall depart
Master - open the gate of entrance
Reveal the concealed forces of the astral lords
Master - hear the eternal cries
From the dwelling daemons at the other side
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The Ancients Gate Lyrics

Necrophobic – The Ancients Gate Lyrics

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