Waking up inside of a coffin ain't as bad as you'd think
There's plenty of things that you can do down there
Like waste away until you disappear

And it's nice and cozy, maybe a little lonely
Like when I was lost at sea, I still remember everything
The ship went down around me like Wallace Hartley
As I played your favorite song

Ere long, not only on these banks,
But on every hill and plain and in every hollow,
The frost comes out of the ground like a dormant quadruped from it's burrow,
And seeks the sea with music. [Henry David Thoreau]

I'm glad that you buried me wearing my favorite jeans
My pockets are empty and the flowers died
At least I didn't go down with any lies

Though my clothes got dusty, my skin and bones weren't rusty
I saw my little brother there, he told me not to care
Still I can't let you go before I tell you
I've been dying to tell you

Keep calm and carry on
If there's nothing in this world that makes you better
Take this song and sing forever until the day we're back together
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Keep Calm & Carry On Lyrics

Neal Peterson – Keep Calm & Carry On Lyrics