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Story Time Lyrics

Ne-Yo – Story Time Lyrics

Aiight boys and girls, gather 'round. Story time. Check this out

[Verse 1]
I said, "I wish you'd just give it a try
You've never done it, how you know what you don't like?"
She said, "Am I not enough for you, is that why?"
I said, "No, I just think it would be sexy and kinda fly"
She said, "Well I don't"
I said, "Well if I let you pick the girl, would that make a difference?"
She said, "That don't matter cause I just don't think I'm cool with a threesome"

What? Come on. Man you trippin'

[Verse 2]
I said, "You actin' funny and I don't even know why
Cause you can't tell me that you don't like girls, don't lie"
She said, "I can appreciate a pretty face, a nice backside (Oh word)
But just cause I might find a girl sexy, that does not make me bi"
I said, "Yes it does"
She said, "[?] you just wish I was"
I said, "Why you frontin'?
Just embrace who you really are
And you just might enjoy, a threesome"

You never know. Got to open up your mind. You only live once, know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Nah but for real though, you never thought about it? Never? Aiight

[Verse 3]
She said, "What if I said I want to bring in another guy?" What! ?
I just gave her a look like "you done lost your [?] mind"
She said, "Oh, okay so another girl is fine
But when I mention another dude you're lookin' like you wanna punch me in the eye"
I said, "Don't tempt me"
She said, "You know that ain't fair"
I said, "I'm just playin'
But for real don't no dudes allowed
Only you, me and she in this threesome"
She said, "Hold up, when did I agree to this threesome"
I said, "Just now, and you can't take it back, let's have a threesome"
She said, "Well I did think about my girl Stephanie before in a threesome"
I said, "I got her number, I'll call her right now for this threesome"

She said, "Wait a minute. You got Stephanie's number? When'd you get Stephanie's number?"
I said, "Uhhh..."
The end
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