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2 Tons Lyrics

Natural Elements – 2 Tons Lyrics

[Mr. Voodo]
Natural Elements, the name of this topic
You should pay close attention how we rock it
When we drop the album and single, you should cop it

[A Butta]
Yo Voo, stash that, L hit em wit 2 Tons

Yo, first and foremost
Natural Elements serve a raw dose
You ain't hear the first time, so I return wit more dope
And I just burned some raw smoke, Voo else wit a? A-sand?
Like a life-size statue of Elvis in Graceland
The fucker of jakes, they rush the gates
But all they find in my pocket was two dutchies, a razor blade, and some
So if you're lookin for a cut face and broken jaw
Make you feel like you was locked upstate, and close the door

[Mr. Voodo]
Pope John Paul, I bless ill figures (reputedly)
Dons fall when I caress steel triggers (rufusly)
Anonymously, toss shots wit an ominous force night
Not know two mc's, draw guns wit two's a piece
Your whore's is chossin me, rap wars is losin me, a true mc
My influence be showing and fluently

[A Butta]
True indeed, I flows by properly hop
Go-go's coppin your spot
Yo whatever we drop, you know it's gotta be hot
Blazin, Raisin Hell like Run-Dmc
Sprayin shells till my gun be empty
I heard you want it kid, don't wait to tell, come and get me
Save your hit for A
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