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Collision Lyrics

National Product – Collision Lyrics

Don't call me back, you said
I won't answer from that number anymore
Or at least until my will runs out
Then we're back in the same place
Racing down the same road once again
This wasn't supposed to happen

This curse is getting worse
You climb so high
It's such a long way to fall
Fine mess you can't assess
You just wanted for things to be simple that's all

I understand but I'm not fine
You've recruited the next in your line
But I leave the door wide open as you get inside

This road has caught fire
Miles of red pass under the tires
We paint the junked parts
Invisible blood stains from transparent hearts
Buckle your seat belt and shut those eyes
We race for collision blinded to bright yellow signs

Ask why we call it goodbye
It's a sick addiction to beating walls
Obsess, ignore the lesson
I wanted to cut all my losses that's all

We sing this lullaby
To sing with open lies
A tribute to mending once severed ties
The melody of years
Is music to my tears
Sweet dissonant harmony fills our ears
And we sing along to wasted songs
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