See now I'm not the picky type,
But I'm gonna go out and get what's mine
Got to quest my appetite,
So much choice yeah so little time.

Some may think that I'm easy,
Unlike some guys are hard to please
Wanna set my record straight,
Cos it's not about escaping.


I'm not feeling lonley,
I'm just biding my time
I'm searching for my beauty,
What I'm sure will be just mine
Don't fuss about her,
Just looking for a good time
If you wanna come see me,
Don't hesitate girl.


I keep it universal,
Just want to get my front on
No need for no rehersal,
I wanna see the final show.
Just keep it universal,
I play the game to win (oh)
No need for no rehersal,
Seen everything I need to know.
Cos I'm keeping this universal.


Sometimes feel you got me wrong,
Wont come get your conversation on
Feel I'm quite approachable,
Don't let my propriate get out no
In time I'll settle down,
Then my queen can share my crown
But for now just gonna go out,
Cos I don't know what I'm missing.



No I'm not feeling lonely,
I'm just biding my time
Gonna search for my beauty,
What to call just mine.
No I don't fuss about her,
I'm just taking my time
If you want to come see me,
Wont you hurry up.

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Universal Lyrics

Nate James – Universal Lyrics

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