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Goals Lyrics

Nate Good – Goals Lyrics

Good is the brand, take me for all that I am
My flow is breaking it down, I'm Texas P with the souls
I'm Doctor J with the jams, I got my head in the clouds
Got my feet in the sand, she got me all on her mind
I got her heart in my hands, this isn't run of the mill
And I know I'm running for real
Don't give a fuck how you feel
Please don't you tell me to chill
I need a boat on a lake
I need a house on a hill
Wonder what they would think
Imagine how it would feel

What you really know about dough
I always said I would play in the pros
One for the money, and two for the show
I'm tryna cop me on home for the broke
What you really know about dough
What you really know about dough

Pay attention to hype
I Never needed your praise, right now I'm ready to strike
And I'm pitching this case, I live a studio life
Haven't seen the sun in days
I need to lay me some pipe
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