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Blast Lyrics

Natasha – Blast Lyrics

sha sha sha sha sh ala la la aaa bum de bum de bum de

Blast outta control
Blast in some place where u dunno where it is
and u cant be found
bBlast into a place
Blast outta ya face
become something that you wanna be if it nessasery then
just be free

is there a time is there a place, a time or a space
some to me free some where to be me
just just just do it just do it do it do it do it do it good
di it do it
la la la la la sha sha la la la sha sh ash aaa
have u ever had enough fun to do it the way u wanna
blabla bl athat it now sing with me
ur a only child a spoilt bitch and u can do enething
u wanna, but there so sad there so sad they meke
you fell like a loser
although there rich
ur mams stil a bitch
she treats u like a baby and a rich one too
so i sed blast outta here into a place
just blast outta ur face and dont make up ur mind
coz ur mind does that 4 ya
maddness madness total maddness making
u believe in thing u never thought of.
u got himm wrapped arund u finger
and he reely like to linger about, no
free times so much to do although ur rich and a un sensitive
kid ur soooooo sad.
and dont u wann aBLast ouut contraol in to a place with some onelik eyou
with someone u lik ewith someone u cant decribe
there to cool for u
but r they?
chorus times 3 quieter as going along
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