I don't wanna worry to much about my life
We don't wanna hurry, no rugh noe, we're alright
Me and my friends, got plantie of time
Before we have to make up our minds

Don't know what we wanna be, la di da di da da dah
Everybody sing with me, we're young and carefree
Only living for today, la di da di da da dah
Tomorrow seems so far away, we're young and carefree
La di da di da di da, da di da di da da dah
La di da di da di da
Young and carefree

I don't wanna worry to much, about my life, I just wanna
Sit here with you now, by my side
I don't wanna talk or do anything, let's just kick back
And enjoy what life brings


We don't know what the future holds (for us)
If it's good or bad (It's too much)
So we're just taking it one day at a time, so far it's
Worked out fine

[Chorus (2x)]
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Young And Carefree Lyrics

Natasha Thomas – Young And Carefree Lyrics

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