Written: N. Thomas/G. Mackenzie/Jens Gad/ T. Stenzel/Rap: Maximum

I know you like that girly pop
Want me to be somethin' that I'm not
Wont catch me at the candyshop
Lickin' on a lollipop
Diggin' on that cutie teen
Comin' out your tv screen
Sure your thoughts would cause a scene
A dirty boy that's squeeky clean

What up, what up
I ain't mad at you
I do my thing
Do what you gotta do
Music's pumpin'
I'm lovin' the beat
Don't you step to me
What up, what up
I ain't dissin' you
I do my thing
Just ain't feelin' you
Music's playin'
Turnin' up the heat
You wont get to me

No need to get fresh with me
I'm just playin' baby
Can't you see
What you got ain't workin' for me
I want the cake not just the cream
Can't give me what you haven't got
Want me to taste it
But I'd rather not
If you don't get it
Let me sum it up
Take your job and blow it up
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What Up Lyrics

Natasha Thomas – What Up Lyrics

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