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I'm Bout 2 Do Sum Dirt Lyrics

Natas – I'm Bout 2 Do Sum Dirt Lyrics

[Verse One: Mastamind]
Mr. Hellraisers' in the house raisin' hell higher
Fool don't get to close to the fire
Silly punk piece of shit I'm down for a dirty trick
That's why blood's on my hands somebody got it...
I throw my gun way up, ?
Sorry little nigga ya last day is up
Natas in the house to haunt it for you
So don't ask who motherfucker 'yo boom motherfucker
Then rock it like this rock it like that
Get the gat, get the gat, put him on his back
Manic madmen don't give a fuck
Nobody moves nobody gets fucked up
I'm bout 2 do sum dirt

[Chorus 2x: Mastamind (Esham)
Motherfucker bout to put in work, motherfucker bout to put in work
I'm bout to do sum dirt
(Motherfucker bout to put in work, motherfucker bout to put in work)
Watch me do a little dirt

[Verse Two: Mastamind]
Kill a cop on my tail, wanna throw me in a jail
Stop him in his tracks, take his ass straight to hell
No mercy on my man no can give a cop that
Can't give a cop?chat? but a slug when I cock back
Years of many tears fly by, life's a bitch then you die
But I don't ask why, I'ma bad guy
So I'm better off dead now, go to head now, put me to bed now
Rollin' to temple with a plan for the holy man, damn you don't know me man
Rollin' like a killer only can, wicked man said I wasn't blessed, ?
With a vest, so I make a mess
I'm bout 2 do sum dirt

[Chorus 2x]
[Verse Three: Mastamind]
12 o'clock madman, chillin' under the cherry moon
Got him in my scope soon you'll here the boom
I'ma let ya roll, then I'll roll ya bank roll
Ya can't move cause ya froze up, yah it's a hold up
Put 'yo hands in the air motherfucker
Let 'em wave in teh sky, behave or you'll die
Killing for a living like a hitman, you're looking at a sick man
Holy shit goddamn
Give me ya daily bread, I need to be fed
I'll pop this through ya soul, put a price on ya head
A suicidal problem to the? who don't care
The?master can't play fair
I'm bout 2 do sum dirt

Nobody move, nobody get hurt... (8X)
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