Captain sam woke up this morning
and the skies above are storming
as he tied his shoes.
his wings are clipped onto his pocket
his front door he locked it
before he drove away.

captain captain, now the skies are clear
won't you fly me far away from here
maybe first class or i could sit in the back
captain, captain, take me away
fly me to another day
lets go and get out of the black

i got up got out of bed
with a mess on my head
ready to go home.
say goodbye to all my friends
you know its better in the end
you know i've got to go

captain sam, his voice comes on
take off's short but our journeys long
say goodbye to california
captain sams plane engines roar
take off and we start to soar
i'll sit in first class all the way
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Captain Sam Lyrics

Natalie Durham – Captain Sam Lyrics