It’s ok, you can tell me, you can say what is troubling you,
It’s alright, no need to worry,
I won’t stand here judging you

Oh let me be, your loving shelter
Through the storms, you're passing through
You can rest your weary worries
My heart will shelter you

Lock the door, turn the light down,
Come and lay down next to me,
Rest your head, upon my shoulder
You I’ll carry endlessly

Oh let me be, your loving shelter,
When the darkness calls on you
Like a lighthouse on the shore line
My heart will shelter you

When your troubles feel so heavy
And this life feels hard to bear
Think of all the things we’ve been through
Think of all the love we’ve shared

When life takes you on that journey
You will find my hand in yours
And I will walk here right beside you,
Be a soft place where you fall

Oh let me be, your loving shelter
Be a refuge from the cold
You have strength that lies inside you
And my heart will be your home,
Be your shelter from the Storm..
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Refuge Lyrics

Nat Daniels – Refuge Lyrics

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